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A Cup of Coffee With My Interrogator

I started an LJ because my beautiful wife Lilac Wine actually set one up for me. She spends entirely too much of her life online and thought it would be a good idea for me to see what she is up to (eh, hmmmmmmmm).

I'm kind of a serious guy so forgive me if the written tone of this sounds too serious....just taking a shot at actually describing who I am.

The core of who I am is fairly simple. I am an atheist and as such believe that the measure of myself and my existence emerges from how I conduct myself as I move through life. Am I doing the right thing? Are my actions honorable? Is my life meaningful? Am I making the world a better place?

To this end, I've spent my entire adult life working for social justice. I've worked for large environmental organizations, social service agencies, published zines, volunteered for a Chinese dissident organization, and spent the last eight years working for a labor union. I hold an American law degree and an undergraduate degree in political-economy.

My life is composed of three areas of emphasis. The professional (described above), family (wife and three kids), and personal development. These of course are not distinct zones. They intersect and overlap and take priority over one another when there is a conflict (family always first, professional second and personal interests/development coming last).

In the area of personal development I move through different things as they intrigue me. Several years ago, Lilac Wine gave me a PC video game called RED FACTION. I found the game really interesting, developed a group of online friends who I play it with, and then taught myself how to create multiplayer maps for the game. I read everything and get so many magazines/newspapers that Lilac Wine jokes that I am part gerbil (um, no she's not making a derogatory remark about my manhood...I don't think). When I say I read everything, I mean everything. I read hunting magazines but I don't hunt. I read Black Enterprise (nope, not black nor an entrepreneur), Latina (not a girl, not latin), Blender, The Nation, Wall Street Journal, Shape, Parenting, Playstation Magazine, Men's Journal, GamePro, Giant, BUST, Sync, Wired, Budget Living, Columns, Psychology Today, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Best Life, Saveur, Bitch, etc.....and that's just from the stack currently on the couch. Basically, I like to learn things....especially ideas presented from a perspective that is not my own....to challenge my own preconceptions.